Selected Publications

This paper presents a novel algorithm that utilizes a 2D floorplan to align panorama RGBD scans. Our approach can significantly reduce the number of necessary scans with the aid of a floorplan image. We formulate a novel Markov Random Field inference problem as a scan placement over the floorplan, as opposed to the conventional scan-to-scan alignment. The technical contributions lie in multi-modal image correspondence cues (between scans and schematic floorplan) as well as a novel coverage potential avoiding an inherent stacking bias. The proposed approach has been evaluated on five challenging large indoor spaces.
CVPR, 2017

Recent Publications

. Building Scale RGBD Alignment. CVPR, 2017.


. (Cross-)Browser Machine Fingerprinting. NDSS, 2017.



Amodal 3D Bounding Box Prediction

During Fall 2017, I worked on using PointNets to predict amodal 3D bounding boxes. I saw initially promising results for regressing bounding boxes coordinates. However, due to my desire to not use fixed anchors, the network had trouble determine which bounding boxes had an object.